Open Call

For proposals from individuals not affiliated with CFAR, please send a document, zipped package, or web link to that responds to the following prompts. Include “CFAR Proposal – Your Name” in the subject line.  

Vital Information: 

  • Name 
  • Contact info including phone number, email & website*
    *Include collaborator(s) information if applicable 

Project Information: 

  • Please give us a working title (50 words max.) 
  • Please tell us about your project in detail, including elements that may require unique institutional permissions and what final form the project will take (300 words max.) 
  • Will there be additional programming or activities (i.e. exhibition, screening, panel discussion, publication, public action, etc.) that you envision will be necessary  to achieve the desired impact? If yes, please describe what these will be and what resources you will need from CFAR to accomplish this (200 words max.) 
  • What audiences/communities do you hope to engage through this project? (100 words max.) 
  • How does your project relate to CFAR’s mission? (100 words max.) 
  • Are there partnerships at the university, or in the local, state, national, or international community that you hope to engage through this project? (100 words max.) 
  • Have you identified funding or other resources to support this project? (100 max.) 

Attachments (10MB max.) 

  • CV 
  • Brief Timeline  
  • Brief Budget (differentiating outside funding from that requested by CFAR) 
  • Support Materials: pdf, website, or web embedded links of previous work
    – Up to 10 images
    – Up to 10 minutes of time-based media 
    – Up to 10 pages of written materials  
  • Any additional documents that can further inform your proposal